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The Centre For Sustainable Road Freight

The Centre For Sustainable Road Freight brings together multi-disciplinary teams of researchers
and industry leaders to improve road freight efficiency and reduce its environmental impact


The Centre is a collaboration between Cambridge and Heriot-Watt Universities and organizations in the freight and logistics sectors, with a major 5-year grant from EPSRC.



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The Centre is supported by a group of industrial partners from the road freight industry who collaborate with the researchers to define the research agenda.




The focus of the Centre is to achieve deep reductions in CO2 emissions from the road freight sector by combining highly-focussed vehicle engineering with systematic improvements to freight distribution  systems: optimising vehicles in parallel with logistical tasks.


Latest News

The Centre for Sustainable Road Freight
has been in the news… 

25th April, 2014

Hargreaves Logisitcs

The Centre for Sustainable Road Freight
is pleased to announce that Hargreaves
Services Ltd has recently joined as
an industrial member.

18th February, 2014

SRF Roadmap - part 1 report
is published and avaliable to 
download here  

Upcoming Events
The Centre for Sustainable Road
Freight would like to invite interested
parties to an International Workshop
on Sustainable Road
Freight Transport. 

Next SRF Members Meeting
Monday 22nd September, 2014












Monday, September 22, 2014